Baseballs Unwritten Rules Are Bullshit, Says This MLB Pitcher

When David Ortiz hits a home run, his leisurely trot around the bases is just shy of a professional wrestlers ring entrance. The crowd goes wild, his bat is raised for the first three steps, pyrotechnics follow, music roars, somewhere a Yankee fan is being clobbered with a steel folding chair.

Ex-MLB pitcher Dick Haythurst, on why the so-called unwritten rules of baseball, like those about post-dinger strutting, are bullshit.

A Major League Pitchers Guide To Baseballs Bullshit Unwritten Rules.

How Box Scores Are Like Gene Sequences: The Geek Path from Baseball to Bio

How is a box score like a genome sequence? This starts a wee slow, but go with it: Noted computational biologists James Fraser (UCSF) and Michael Eisen (Berkeley) explain how obsessions with baseball stats led them — and can lead others — to be data-heavy biologists. First lesson, for example: Predictions are stronger based on (open) […]

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