Aglitter in the Net: Golden Age of Serial Murder, Flatworms, etc.

Stuff I won’t get to at length:

Ian Leslie considers the decline of serial killing:

Trends in Serial Killing.

Christopher Beam, who also wrote the piece I linked to about cash and crime, investigates. My favourite quote:
“It does seem the golden age of serial murderers is probably past,” says Harold Schechter, a professor at Queens College of the City University of New York who studies crime.

Ed Yong covers The sexual battles of flatworms: barbed sperm, mating rings, traumatic insemination, and going down on yourself. Engrossing as always, and even weirder than usual

Newer antipsychotics overused, U.S. study suggests | Reuters Not surprising, but still important

Neuroskeptic: Antidepressants Still Don’t Work In Mild Depression Ditto

In which I tire of the old paradigms | Mind the Gap Jenny Rohn has had enough of Karl Popper, thank you.

Good, helpful Nature article by @patsycat21, On the science of a shot brain, via @brendanmaher & @jetjocko.

Mental illness expert: We should be asking whether political climate helped trigger shooting

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