Charlie Sheen, Life & Genes, A Terrible Fall. Compare and contrast.

Sort and combine those title elements as you like. Here’s what’s aglitter in my net today:

This guy climbs a pinnacle to ski down — but slips while clipping in. Amazingly, he’s apparently okay. I felt a little sick watching this, but not during the fall: It was the wide-angle shots at the pinnacle that got me. And I’m not scared of heights. Via BoingBoing.

More serious fare:

Nature’s Helen Pearson has written a stunningly good story on the ’46 UK birth cohort, rich with science & humanity. Gorgeous. Hope to write more about this later, but go there now. One of week’s top 5, no doubt.

Neuroskeptic offers a nicely balanced take on the Decline Effect. John Schooler delivers another.

Tim Carmody ponders the notion that Radiohead has been producing serious stuff longer any other pop band has.

Ian Leslie takes aim at the nocturnal urinal.

Amy Wallace, with whom I almost had dinner in Los Angeles back in November (would have been lunch with Jonah Lehrer, dinner with Amy, quite a day … but Amy had to bail), is on quite a roll this wk. She has a raucous, astonishing Charlie Sheen interview at GQ, and a deeply haunting story of U Ala shooter prof at Wired. If you have to choose one, go the latter.

Speaking of Sheen, I’ve held off long enough. Get the good stuff:

Charlie Sheen Quotes As New Yorker Cartoons. Guy may (or may not) be nuts, but he can sure talk.

ChrisBohjalian offers (via twitter): Martin Sheen’s opening monologue APOCALYPSE NOW is telling. “Every minute Charlie squats in the bush he gets stronger.”

Incredible. German defense minister resigns over plagiarized PhD; and Saif Gaddafi’s thesis also questioned Via @alicebell

Ima try to do these more regularly. They’re fast and fun.

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