Do some science! A v quick survey on genetics of mental health

For research she’s doing about public attitudes on genetics and mental health, science writer Virginia Hughes is trying to get people to take a very short survey (I just took it; takes about 30 seconds) on that subject. Do mental health issues rise from genes, environment, or both? Would you get a child tested for a gene said to confer a certain level of risk for, say, autism? Questions like that. She’ll use the results to inform her writing and her participation in a panel on ethical questions about the genomics of psych conditions at an upcoming conference at Cold Spring Harbor.
It’s quick, interesting, and will make your voice heard, in a tiny way, at Cold Spring Harbor. So help out Hughes and science and go take the survey! Tell her I sent you.
Survey results will be posted here next week, after the conference. You can also keep track at Ginny’s website.

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