Four Minutes of London, Achingly Beautiful

Via the wonderful The Londonist. By MB Films. Soundtrack Rael Jones, who did same for Sherlock.

As the Londonist puts it, ‘According to the filmmakers, their intention was to “capture the spirit and endless energy of London.” Job done.’ I should add: and the skies.

I’m still mourning our departure, 9 months ago, after a year there. This film makes me about as homesick as I’ve ever been, barring, maybe, my first day at camp, way back when.

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  1. Try not to be too London-sick.   This is probably not the year to go back with all the Olympic craziness. 

  2. I’ve lived for at least half a year in nine cities on three continents in my life. For transport delivery, costs versus earning potential, size of apartments, cost of apartments, clarity of communication what one really feels, and a whole lot more, London cannot be compared in how much it sucks.

  3. Dave, I had to let out a long sigh after viewing as well.   I lived there for almost five years and still yearn to be back there.  Speaking from the heart of an Avid editor, photographer and New Yorker, not only did this 4 minute masterpiece capture London’s bustling life but calming beauty as well.  I only wish it had some shots of Greenwich and Canary Wharf as well.

  4. Great video. London is a great city. I did feel the music was a bit weak and repetitive, though. 

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