Fraudulent Docs, Tennis Secrets, and Beautiful Teens: The Best of September

September’s Top Five

How the Fraudulent Dr Fox Fooled The Shrinks Above. Actor gives nonsensical short talk at a psychiatrist’s conference. Audience eats it up.

Android App Lets You See Invisible Space Definitely the month’s top tech buzz, and a gorgeous film.

Djokovic & Nadal Even Better Than You Think: A Story About Spin My personal favorite.

What eBooks Can Offer — and Take Away Opportunity and danger, from an all-star panel I moderated in New York last month.

A Troubling Adaptation: The Beautiful Teenage Brain Teaser to  my National Geographic feature on how adolescence, incredibly enough, is a crucially adaptive phase (if you live through it)

Most tragically overlooked

Why I Love Hemingway (and Why I Write)

How to Write Like Nicolas Cage

Darwin’s First Theory of Evolution

Just Getting Started

Arsenic is Life and the View From Nowhere

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