Gizoogle Turns Yo MuthaF’in Website All Gangsta Yo

Too good to be true — yet it’s true. Type a search term into gizooogle, and the site will gangsta-lingo-ize both the search results and the pages you go to. The fun is endless. I, for instance, become Dizzy Dobbs, lyricist n’ journalist , and author of “My f__in Muthaf___’s Lover.” (Gizoogle doesn’t use blanks.*)

Dizzy Dobbs, lyricist of Reef Madness n’ tha #1 Kindle-Single bestsella My fuckin Muthafuckaz Lover, writes features n’ essays for publications includin tha Atlantic, tha New York Times Magazine, Nationizzle Geographic, Wired, tha Guardian, n’ other publications. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Several of his stories done been chosen fo’ leadin anthologies, da most thugged-out recent bein “Beautiful Domes,” bout adolescents, which ran up in tha Nationizzle Geographic n’ was selected fo’ both Eccoz Da Best American Science Freestylin 2012, edited by Michio Kaku, and Marinerz Da Best American Science n’ Nature Writrin 2012, edited by Don Juan Ariely yo. Dude be also lyricist of tha #1 Kindle Single bestsella My fuckin Muthafuckaz Lover.

Dude is now freestylin his wild lil’ fourth book, Da Orchid n’ tha Dandelion (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) which expandz on his crazy-ass much-discussed feature fo’ tha Atlantic, “Da Orchid Children.” It will follow both scientists n’ some rather extraordinary ‘regular’ gangstas as they grapple wit emergin ideas bout how tha fuck genes n’ culture shape temperament, behavior, evolution, n’ destiny.

His most recent previous book, Reef Madness (Pantheon, 2005), looks at a long-ass argument dat Charlez Darwin had bout how tha fuck coral reefs form; Oliver Sacks found it “buckwildly written, almost unbearably poignant.” Dude lives up in Vermont, wit frequent trips ta New York, London, DC, n’ other points distant.

Copyright © 2011, Dizzy Dobbs. All muthafuckin rights reserved.

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We can thank @TomChivers and @alokjha for bringing this to our attention.  Do check it out.

*I’m using blanks instead of expletives so that I personally directly am not befouling the ears of young people reading this blog, such as my 11-year-old son, who reads this despite directions not to. Boy better watch his mouf.

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