I’ll be blogging sparely for a bit

Memory Map of London Memory Map of London, by Yersinia

I’ll be blogging lightly for the next month or so, as I move and then settle in to London, take some family time and vacation, and finish a couple of backburnered projects. But not to worry: I’m definitely coming back. I’ll check in now and then during August (see below), I imagine, and I will definitely resume in earnest by September, when I’ll have a splashy announcement to make as well. In the meantime, London calls.

Meantime, take care, and drop a line if you care to, at davidadobbs [at[ gmail.com.

I’ll be posting more regularly on Twitter than here, and likely some lighter fare, and perhaps some travel shots and tidbits, at Somatic Marker (my Posterous account) as well.

Take it away, Joe:


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