Lovers, Losses, Putts, Egypt, and Bruce – Neuron Culture’s Best from June

A smoke in the PBY gun blister.jpg

A little slow compiling last month’s best-of, as I was traveling first to the World Conference of Science Journalists in Doha, Qatar, and then to Cairo, where I helped with a science writing workshop and saw Egypt’s past (the Egyptian Museum) and future (Tahrir Square). More on those later. Meantime, a quick look back at June’s big hits.

Top hit, easily, was my post about My Mother’s Lover — my Atavist ebook story about a long-hidden affair my mother had in World War II. The story took off nicely, becoming the #1 Kindle Singles bestseller for much of June and a top 20 Kindle bestseller as well. Not too late! If in doubt, see the Amazon reviews, which get it nicely.

Following not too far behind was Free Science: One Paper at a Time, despite that it was in its third month on the site: a testament to the important of the open science issue and the emotional power of the story of biologist Jonathan Eisen’s attempt to recover and publish his late father’s papers.

Third — you never know what’ll hit — was With An Especially Emotional Jungleland, Clarence Clemons Bids Adieu, in which Clarence Clemons blows the roof off before an overjoyed, kinetic Bruce.

Then came The Arabick Roots of Science, in anticipation of the WCSJ conference in Doha; see too my reading list on the same.

Fifth but important: Choke on Your Putts? Don’t Think About It. With helpful instructions.

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