Fast Birds in Slow Motion – Beautiful

I don’t do many “Would you look at that!” YouTube posts, but this slo-mo film of red kites snatching bits of bacon, made by the Slow-Mo Guys and subject of a lovely blog post by GrrlScientist, is so utterly beautiful I had to call it out.

GrrlScientist notes

If you watch this film in full-screen mode, you will see the air turbulence on the birds’ backs, causing the feathers to ruffle. You can also see how the pupils of the birds’ eyes change upon grabbing the piece of bacon and soaring away.

and adds a lot of other context too, well worth reading. GrrlScientist also curates the Mystery Bird quiz, which is great fun, especially on those rare occasions when I ace it. When you finish watching this vid (DO watch it full screen) and pick your jaw off the floor, go have a look round at GrrlScientist’s Punctuated Equilibrium.

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