“A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted”:

Filmmaker Miranda July, who apparently suffers from the distractibility that led you and me both to this film (she once had a real problem resisting the PennySaver), fashioned this short instructional film from a scene she cut from her feature The Future, in which she plays the under-employed dancer who is shown here burying her distractions. Alas, this won’t work if your main distraction, your laptop, is also your main work tool. But that’s why they make Freedom.

Many thanks to Ayun Halliday, who drew this to my attention in a nice post at the marvelous Open Culture, a distraction mine stuffed with great ore.


Miranda July’s very cool website.

Her instructional talk On Strangers (the vid at the top of the page), which is both talk and experiment.

Ayan Halliday’s ” ” “.

How Petulant Skeptic, in the interest of procrastination, de-programs his self-control. Literally.

Again: Freedom, so you can end the distraction.


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