Today’s Nobel was about how the brain navigates space. Here’s what happens when it can’t.

Today’s Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology went to a trio of researchers who figured out the basis of how the brain tracks and manages space, a task that is closely tied to memory.

This ability to remember and manage space — to navigate your way through life — is vital. Here, in a brief story I told at a Story Collider evening in Brooklyn,  is what happened when I realized I seemed to have lost that ability. That is, I was standing on my front steps one morning preparing to drive my two youngest children to preschool, which I’d done hundreds of times, and realized I had no idea how to get there. Keys in hand. Kids already in the car.

My first decision was whether to b) go back inside and tell my wife I had no idea how to drive to the preschool or b) go ahead and drive anyway.

Story starts at 1 minute. Tap that first little notch in the timeline below to get there, or just  just push the arrow and get the intro.

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