Top 5 Neuron Culture posts from July

July was the month of PepsiGate. My most-read-posts list reflects that. Took some trouble tallying these up because I switched blog sites a week into it. But here are the most-read if I got my math right.

1. Easily first was my post replying to Virginia Heffernan‘s Times Magazine article on PepsiGate, which came last, more or less, among my posts about that subject. This got wide play, including a ping at the Daily Dish, and produced traffice that is second all-time only to my June post on Ozzy Osbourne’s genome.

2. Next came the first post on PepsiGate, A food blog I can’t digest.

3. Then, getting back to chrono, Why I’m Staying Gone from ScienceBlogs, which was the plainest explanation of why I left and stayed gone.   

4. Back, with relief, to some science (and science reporting): In Good parents, bad kids, and the distraction of nature-nuture I reviewed a Times piece about how good parents could end up with bad kids. Methought the author got lost amid the nature-nurture weeds.

5. I could be wrong with this, as another PepsiGate post was close, but it appears my post on Tourette’s, goalie timing, and downside & upsides — a response partly to a piece by Jonah Lehrer — took up the fifth post.

Hope it all makes good reading.

And sorry I’m a bit late on this as a) I moved to London for a while at month’s opening, when I usually post these things and b) have had spotty and slow internet access since.

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