Track the Fall Migration With Birding Ace Bryan Pfeiffer

A merlin on Monhegan Island, by Bryan Pfeiffer. All rights reserved.

Bryan Pfeiffer, one of Vermont’s sharpest birders, most engaging and informative bird and dragonfly guides, and funniest people, is on Monhegan Island, Maine, scouting for a guiding trip he’s leading next week. Here’s a bit of his first report, describing some raptors hunting a bunch of blue jays.

A young Cooper’s Hawk joined the fracas. No, it’s a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Wait, it’s a Cooper’s. Well, actually, it’s one of each. Two hawks, three falcons, and a half-dozen Blue Jays somehow managing to elude raptorial determination and deadly talons. That … and 14 warbler species in 24 hours.

ryan travels all over North America watching birds, showing them to others, and taking amazing photographs. Follow him as he tracks the fall migration. You can also track him at Twitter or Facebook

Monhegan Report No. 1 | Bryan Pfeiffer.