War, Beauty, Balls, and Fraud

Neuron Culture’s Top 5 from July

1. Runaway most popular: The Toughest Plane Ever Built. This post about the plane in which my mother’s lover died spawned two amazing, entwined comment threads: one about tough planes; one about the morality of bombing cities. It also has pictures of B-17s that sustained unreal damage and flew home — and a few that didn’t make it.

2. Why Behold Beauty? Because It’s Sociable. And pretty to look at:

3. Swinging Balls of Steel. Heavy but lovely. You really should watch this:

4. Switch Hitter v Switch Pitcher. Had to happen eventually. at and mouse, then a lot confused rules discussion, in which the ump ends up calling it wrong.

5. Marc Hauser Resigns from Harvard. Had to happen eventually.


Best posts you fine people overlooked:

Jo Marchant: How to Write (Long) About Science

Reef Madness 6: The Death of Louis Agassiz

Why We Lie – An Honest Look at Deception, from Ian Leslie

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