What Aging Looks Like: Watch a Man Speed Through Twelve Years

From FlowingData:

Remember photographer Noah Kalina? He took a picture of himself every day for six years and made a time-lapse video with the photos. The Simpsons even did a spoof that showed Homer’s life over a couple of minutes. Kalina’s kept the picture-taking going, and it’s been twelve and a half years now. He made a new video.

Six years is a long time, but you didn’t see that much change in the first video. In this one, you can start to see the age in his eyes. The forty-year update will be something to see.

I find this quite affecting. We all get that shock now and then when we look at a photograph of ourselves in which, bang, out of nowhere, we suddenly look young. This guy is still not old, by any means, but this video shows what it means to age: to have time’s passage show itself in tiny incremental changes to one’s flesh and affect. It’s more powerful for Kalina’s apparent decision to present a neutral expression: his deeper mood — what looks to me a growing seriousness — shows through the more. This time-lapse vid definitely gains power because he’s reaching out to work the camera: as he speeds through the years, Kalina looks as if he’s just trying to hold on — to life, or himself, or at least its image.

From the truly deeply marvelous FlowingData, with a hat-tip (from them) to the ever-watchtful kottke for the find.