“YouTube! That’s why I became a writer!”

“Book Launch 2.0” This kills me — but maybe just because I’ve written books. (Oh yeah — the links to the books. First two here. Reef Madness here. Buy ’em. Read ’em. They’re better than the stuff you’re reading now.)

This video should follow or be followed by Ellis Weiner’s “Our Marketing Plan” from the New Yorker:

Once we get back from Frankfurt, we’d like to see you on morning talk shows like the “Today” show and “The View,” so please get yourself booked on them and keep us “in the loop.” If I’m not here—which I won’t be, since after the book fair I go on vacation for two weeks—just tell Jenni, my assistant, when she gets back from jury duty.
Remember in your blog to tabskim your readers’ comments. You can use Twitter, Chitt-chaTT, or Nit-Pickr. When you reply to comments, try to post at least one photo per hour of you doing everyday tasks around the house, such as answering comments and posting photos. Please make sure they’re pre-scorched. Let me know, when I get back from Retreat a week after my vacation, if self-surging is a problem.

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