If Birds Left Trails Like Tracer Bullets, It’d Look Like This

Dennis Hlynsky, a photographer/filmmaker and professor at Rhode Island Institute of Design, has been filming various bunches of birds — murmurations of starlings, murders of crows, and others — with a techqnique that shows each bird’s trail, in images, from the preceding two seconds. It’s something like the effect of watching fireflies, or tracer bullets, […]

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Surviving the Polar Vortex Amid Zillions of Dead Bugs

Actually it was 600,000. But still: The thing about insects is that they present infinite “contrivances,” as Darwin once put it, to divert your attention. Invertebrate collections like these throw my ADHD into overdrive. While many of us suffered through the polar vortex, Bryan Pfeiffer, writer, naturalist, bird guide, ace photographer, and a man obsessed […]

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62 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries, via Mental Floss

Below behold the main library at Trinity College, Dublin:

Image courtesy of Irish Welcome Tours’ Flickr stream.

That’s one of 62 featured at Mental Floss’s gorgeous gathering of lovely libraries ’round the globe. A couple of my other favorites:

Bibliotheque National de France, Image courtesy of Wikipedia user Zubro.

Abbey Library of St. Galen, Switzerland. Image courtesy of Wikipedia user Stibiwiki

Get the rest at Mental Floss.