Cosmology journal declares enemies evil, war won, all life alien

I lack time to do this justice, but thought it should enter the public record. The Journal of Cosmology’s latest release about the Hoover assertions about signs of alien life in a meteor, below, speaks for itself. You can find other context at my prior post on this. I should note that when the journal says (below) that they’ve received “absolutely no evidence that the results from the Hoover study are not valid,” it ignores arguments from qualified people such as such as Rosie Redfield and Phil Plait. This thing has turned into a real circus. I don’t even know where to start. They don’t know when to stop.

Full text below the jump.

From: [email protected] Date: March 18, 2011 2:20:17 AM GMT To: Edit[email protected] Subject: NASA Threatens NASA Scientist

–NASA Threatens NASA Scientist

-Microfossil Evidence Certified as Valid

–Nature &  Science Editors Uncooperative – Know Meteor-Microfossil Results are Valid

-The War Between Science (JOC)  vs Religion (NASA) (PRESS RELEASE REPRODUCED ON JOC WEBSITE)

The Journal of Cosmology upon reviewing the evidence and the opinions of experts who have submitted their comments and evaluations, does hereby certify the paradigm shattering findings of Richard Hoover. We confirm the validity of his discovery of ancient microfossils similar to cyanobacteria in meteorites older than Earth.

We have been presented with absolutely no evidence that the results from the Hoover study are not valid.  Further, we believe the public record demonstrates that NASA’s chief scientist has no credibility as he has made and issued a number of false statements about the history of the Hoover paper and the Journal of Cosmology (JOC), and in so doing has maliciously disputed the legitimacy of the work of two NASA Senior Scientists Science Directorates who have published five peer reviewed articles in JOC, and over 30 NASA scientists and 4 NASA astronauts who have also published their own peer reviewed work in this same journal.

Equally astonishing, as NASA’s chief scientist was proclaiming “openness” to new ideas and discoveries and inviting the press to speak with Richard Hoover, NASA officials were threatening and warning Hoover not to speak with the media and were “screaming and yelling” at him and demanding that he recant, even as his wife lay dying and he was sick with cancer.

These terror tactics are reminiscent of totalitarian states and theocracies, where defenders of the faith, and Grand Inquisitors, armed with their Bibles, threatened, tortured, and killed those who challenged prevailing dogma.

We have seen this before, when Galileo an Giordano Bruno were threatened by the Inquisition, forcing Galileo to recant and torturing and burning Bruno alive when he refused to deny that planets orbited other stars.  The same mindset is alive and thriving like a cancer at NASA headquarters, with NASA’s chief scientist acting as Grand Inquisitor.

There has been a struggle, a war, between Science and Religion, for almost 2,000 years, and this war continues to this day.

We believe the entire controversy over these momentous discoveries can be characterized as science (life is everywhere, life on Earth came from other planets) vs religion (Life came from Earth).

On March 11, 2011, and in the interest of advancing science, we invited our critics and competitors, the editors at Science and Nature magazines, to join in forming an independent commission to investigate the Hoover findings. Despite their loud complaints, they ignored our offer.  Why?

Science and Nature have been repeatedly accused of refusing to publish research which contradicts or challenges prevailing dogma. Dr. Gil Levin who designed NASA’s famous Viking Mars Life experiment, has accused Science magazine of making editorial decisions based on the Bible.  Although lacking any empirical, scientific support, the Biblical story of life’s origins, minus the word “god” is in fact the official position of NASA, and Science and Nature magazine;  i.e. life on Earth came from Earth.  They have dressed religion in the language of science.

The critical but uncooperative behavior at the magazines Science and Nature and the defamatory, unsavory conduct of NASA administrators, does not promote science but is anti-science, and serves to protect religious beliefs; i.e. that life on Earth came from earth exactly as detailed in the Bible and the Five Books of Moses.

Unlike our critics and competitors, the Journal of Cosmology does not make editorial and scientific decisions based on the Bible and the “Laws of Moses”, but on the laws of science. The Hoover findings are valid.

In sifting through the many false, deceptive, slanderous, and dishonest statements issued by NASA’s chief scientist, it is noteworthy that NASA has not declared the Hoover results invalid. In fact, NASA approved these results for publication in 2007, but only if no mention was made of their extraterrestrial cometary origin.  Nor has NASA provided any evidence the data is false. Instead, they have resorted to slander and defamation, and behind the scenes terror tactics designed to intimidate, frighten, and force Hoover to recant.

Hoover’s results have been peer reviewed by only one scientific periodical, The Journal of Cosmology which has been edited in the past by a NASA Senior Scientist Science Directorate.  We have taken the unprecedented step of inviting over 5000 members of the scientific community to review and comment on the Hoover paper, which was made available before it was published. We are so confident of the results, we invited our critics and competitors to cooperate in the creation of a scientific commission to investigate the validity of these findings. Because they also know the results are valid, the editors at the magazines Science and Nature have been uncooperative.

No one has proved the results are false. Slander and histrionic tirades do not constitute legitimate scientific doubt.

The choice is simple: Science as advocated by the Journal of Cosmology, or religion masquerading as science as advocated by our critics.

The implications of the Hoover discovery published by the Journal of Cosmology are profound.

The media has a responsibility to tell the truth and to retract the many slanders and lies. The truth is:

1) NASA approved these results for publication in 2007.

2) The Journal of Cosmology is a peer reviewed scientific journal which has been edited by a NASA Senior Scientist Science Directorate, Dr. Joel Levine,  and which has published five peer reviewed papers by two NASA Senior Scientists Science Directorates, and the peer reviewed work of over 30 NASA scientists, four NASA astronauts, and top scientists from around the world.

3) Hoover’s data was peer reviewed and published after 4 months of scientific scrutiny.

4) Crackpots, fake experts, and various media outlets slandered and defamed the Journal of Cosmology and Richard Hoover.

5) Richard Hoover has been threatened and ordered to recant by NASA officials

6) NASA’s chief scientist has repeatedly made false statements to the press and is not credible.

7) The preponderance of evidence is that the microfossils discovered in the three meteorites, in the article published by the peer reviewed Journal of Cosmology, are evidence of ancient extraterrestrial life.

How can science advance if lunatics are unleashed to throw filth upon the reputations of legitimate scientists and the journals which dare to publish their findings?  The media has a responsibility to tell the truth and to hold the media, the crackpots and NASA’s chief scientist accountable.

Did NASA pay reporters to slander Richard Hoover and the Journal of Cosmology?  Before the Hoover paper was published, JOC had repeatedly complained that NASA was providing funding to our competitors, and had paid a reporter to write an article for and MSNBC which they published and which they plagiarized word-for-word from JOC. It is these  same two media outlets which led the slander campaign against JOC and Richard Hoover, featuring the ravings of charlatans and a NASA administrator.  How many reporters and media outlets are on NASA payrolls?

We should also ask: Why would NASA administrators go to such extra-ordinary lengths to destroy the reputations of legitimate scientists and a scientific journal edited by one of its own Senior Scientists Science Directorates, for the single purpose of covering up one of the greatest discoveries in the history of humanity? What else are they covering up? The media has a responsibility to investigate and to tell the truth.

In conclusion: The Journal of Cosmology has reviewed the evidence, has solicited commentary, we have invited scientific criticism, we have reached out to our competitors who have refused to cooperate because they know the data is real, and therefore, the only logical conclusion is that the Journal of Cosmology and Hoover study are beyond reproach. As reported in the peer reviewed Journal of Cosmology, evidence of extraterrestrial microfossils of bacteria in meteorites older than Earth has been discovered and no legitimate scientist has been able to disprove the findings. The findings are valid.

The implications are staggering and the public deserves to know the truth, that life may be everywhere, throughout the cosmos.  The Journal of Cosmology has  compiled this wealth of data, along with the Hoover paper and commentaries, and the peer reviewed discoveries of numerous independent scientists, in a single inexpensive book, titled: “The Discovery of Alien ExtraTerrestrial life” which features the landmark discovery of Richard Hoover.

Based on the evidence compiled in “The Discovery of Alien ExtraTerrestrial life” and the Hoover discovery, the conclusions are threefold:

We are not alone. Life is everywhere.

Life on Earth, came from other planets.

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