Gold in the tweetstream

I’ll try doing this now and then, maybe regularly, to gather the more notable tweets I get in my twitter feed.

Darwin2009: Population-level traits that affect, and do not affect, invasion success

jayrosen_nyu: “The New York Times is now as much a technology company as a journalism company.” <— Bill Keller

dhayton: “H-Madness” is a new blog on the history of psychiatry, madness, etc. For and by scholars:

stevesilberman: The brains of psychopaths may be hypersensitive to dopamine rewards –     

vaughanbell: Empirical evidence for the extended mind hypothesis.

mocost: Footage from a 1964 experiment testing the effects of LSD on British marines [you’ll find it almost as funny as they did]

PD_Smith: “From an environmental point of view, dense cities are scalable; Thoreau’s cabin is not.” David Owen #city

CliftonWiens: Fantastic review of @lunaticcarl‘s “The Lunatic Express” by @simonwinchester in WSJ: Agree 100 percent!

edyong209: @dgmacarthur savages an appalling op/ed on personal genomics in the Sunday Times Many twists of knife

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