Hemingway, Bach, Led Zeppelin: Neuron Culture’s Musical October

‘Twas an aural month at the blog. Here are October 2011’s biggest hits at Neuron Culture:

Listen: Hemingway’s Short, Moving Nobel Prize Speech

I have read the speech a few times before. Yet when I listened to it today for the first time, at a time when I am re- reading his stories now and have him much on my mind, the words struck me with a new power. He was in a terrible place just then.

fMRI Shows My Bullshit Detector Going Ape Shit Over iPhone Lust

The fMRI scan above shows my brain* reading a truly horrific NY Times Op-Ed piece. The piece, written by a man named Martin Lindstrom, who calls himself a “fan of the consumer” (meaning what? he blows on us?), is called You Love Your iPhone. Literally. Literally.

“It’s Just a F**king Little 16th Note. But You Have to Play It.”

“Bach, more than any other music, and these pieces, more than any other Bach, is music complete. This doesn’t just mean it’s beautiful. This means you can play this music all your life, even just this Allemande, and no matter what you do, it will expose you.”

How Led Zeppelin + Franz Schubert = Writing

Can you use the music of Led Zeppelin or Franz Schubert as models for writing? Of course you can!

Why Your Surgeon Should Be a Gamer

Does video gaming make you more skillful at laparoscopic surgery? Nick Bilton and my dad say Yes.

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