Marc Hauser, Virginia Heffernan, & Stephen Fry — Neuron Culture’s August Best


Moving your blog generally creams one’s reader numbers. So I was happy to see that though I left Scienceblogs in mid-July, August was easily Neuron Culture’s highest traffic month ever.

What generates so much interest? Scandal and dustups. What’s new in the world?

My Marc Hauser coverage easily generated the biggest share of traffic, with my initial post on the revelations taking August’s #3 spot and a sort of climax post, This Hauser thing is getting hard to watch, drawing the most pageviews of the month.

Squeezed among Hauser scandal at the #2 spot was … Stephen Fry, or rather a photo of a poster quoting the good and funny man. That’s above. The poster, about the size of a really big living room TV these days, is just outside the British Library in London, where I’ve been working some since coming here. A quite nice place. And Fry’s reminder is apt: Not that many truly original ideas, and every idea builds on others. I was amazed when this took off so — until I saw that it had been Kottke’d.

The four and five slots accepted two holdovers from what I now like to call PepsiFizz: My exit post, A food blog I can’t digest, written when the can first popped, and my rejoinder to Virginia Heffernan’s Times Magazine column on the sticky mess, which was the last thing I wrote on it.

Will be interesting to see what September brings.


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