Neurologist Helen Mayberg in SciAm Mind

My profile of Emory neurologist Helen Mayberg is out now in Scientific American Mind. You can read either a text-only version at my website, or get the full published version, with photos and such, at the Scientific American Mind site (free to subscribers, $5 for the article for non-subscribers).

Mayberg made headlines last year when she, psychiatrist Sidney Kennedy, and neurosurgeon Andres Lozano, as the story put it,

cured eight of 12 spectacularly depressed individuals … by inserting pacemaker-like electrodes into a spot deep in the cortext known as Area 25.

I previously wrote about this trial, and one of its patients, in the New York Times Magazine; you can read that story here. The SciAm Mind profile focuses more on the development of Mayberg’s career and its place within the larger development of neuropsychiatry. There are a few new pieces about the Area 25 trial as well.

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