Social Service is Depressing, Oil and Gas Are Fun – Jobs Rated by Depression Prevalence

Depressing news you can use. Or possibly delight in, depending. From Neuroskeptic:

An interesting study just published examines the rates of clinical depression experienced by workers in different jobs.It turns out that people involved in ‘Local and Interurban Passenger Transport’ are most likely to be treated for depression. By contrast, those employed in ‘Amusement and Recreational Services’ are less than half as likely to experience it – at least, in Western Pennsylvania, where the research was conducted.

Here’s the chart, so tiny it’s depressing to try to read if you’re over 40:


I’m troubled that the oil and gas extraction people are almost as happy as the amusement and recreation folks. Also, publishing, which would include me, is on the high side.

See Americas Most Depressing Jobs? – Neuroskeptic, for the wrinkles, caveats, and commentary.

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