London Calling: I’m off to the UK for a year or two

As I’m packing to move there for a year or two, I was pleased to find, at the splendid site ” Samuel Johnson Soundbites ,” that it bears even more fully on my own move when given in context: Boswell and Johnson were discussing whether or not Boswell’s affection for London would wear thin should he choose to live there, as opposed to the zest he felt on his occasional visits.

…In any case, my posts over the next few weeks may be light, or lean towards reposts, as I finish off some things here (stories, packing) and get my family and myself properly situated in London, where we’ve been lucky to find a nice spot to live up near Hampstead Heath, where if need be I can try Oliver Sacks’ cure for writers’ block: a swim in that splendid park’s pond.

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