Talking Social Life of Genes & other topics today at 6pm EDT


Today at 6pm Eastern time, I”ll be on the program Virtually Speaking Science, where MIT science-writing professor Tom Levenson and I will discuss my recent Pacific Standard cover story, “The Social Life of Genes“; my book-in-progress, The Orchid and the Dandelion;  the states of flux that genetics, neuroscience, and science writing find themselves in these days; and anything halfway reasonable that listeners or callers care to ask. 

Please listen in here

It’s a call-in, tweet-in, and even a Second Life-in program, so bring your questions along with your ears. To ask a question by phone, call 602-753-1739; to tweet a question, simply compose a tweet (during that hour) with either @TomLevenson or @DavidDobbs in it. And if and only if you’re already at home in Second Life, you can take a seat at the virtual version here. (That link will do nothing for those without a Second Life life.)

Excitement starts at 6 pm EDT! See you then.