The ScienceBlog exodus continues


PalMD, whose early alert to PepsiGate prompted my own early departure, is moving his blog to a new home.

Of Seed Media’s recent recent and not-so-recent blunders, such as (as Bora put it) “things like this andthis and this and this,”, PalMD says:

[Seed’s management[ also showed that they do not consider themselves (or we bloggers) to be “media” or journalists. Whether we like it or not, we are the media, and while we may enjoy a great deal more freedom in style and content than most mainstream media, we cannot claim immunity from their ethics.

It is for these reasons (and others, most of which have been eloquently and completely laid out by Bora Zivkovic) that I’m leaving ScienceBlogs, something I do with great regret. I have gained immeasurably from my association with Sb and with the people here. It has given me incredible opportunities. But despite the advantages in exposure, the fit just isn’t good anymore.

PalMD writes well of the medical, ethical, and personal quandaries facing conscientious physicians. You can follow him at his new digs and/or on Twitter.  

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