Neuron Culture’s big hits for March


What grabbed people at Neuron Culture this month?

Hands-down winner: Does depression have an upside? It’s complicated, which looked at the uproar raised by Jonah Lehrer’s NY Times Magazine story on “Depression’s Upside.” Depression and evolution: two very complex dynamics there. Much rich ground to explore, this got some great comments. I’ll do more, eventually — in the book, if not before.

Close behind in second place, despite that I posted it only on the 29th, is Accidental brain evolution suffers a reversal. John Hawks should get main credit for this, since almost the whole post is an excerpt of a longer one he wrote about how fast the human brain has grown over time. This testifies, I think, to high interest in how we got the big brains.

Then comes the very gratuitous Satisfaction, which is dogs jumping. (You never know.) Followed by 119 banned words … in one sentence and one of my very irregular daily Gleanings, because of the storms, methinks. On this one I was snookered.

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