Sleep, Vaccines, and Stoners as Arms Dealers: The Week’s Glitter

A while back I considered writing a book about sleep. I’ve learned since that’s a sure sign predictor of a good NY Times story sometime in the following 5 to 10 years. So here it is: The latest science on sleep.

In the same vein as the old, McSweeney’s brings us a great new list on what your favorite songs say about you. E.g.: “Santana: You’ve had an hours-long conversation w/someone b4 realizing it was just a pile of clothes.”

via @GreatDismal: Time Lapse Auroras Over Norway Seriously gorgeous.

The NYT weighs in with great review of ‘The Panic Virus’ by @sethmnookin

via tgoetz, this horrifying stat: In the 19th c, TB was the largest killer – about 25% of all deaths, and 40% of working class deaths, were caused by TB. More at

@taylordobbs points to an utterly fascinating article about two young stoners who made millions as international arms dealers
BoingBoing asks, Does the pharmaceutical industry exaggerate their R&D costs?
@mocost points us to some minimalist posters about metal disorders
And the happy thought of the week, via steyblind: Success is achieved, but not enjoyed, by the obsessed.

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