Glitter in the Net, 20 May 2014

A May day in the Vermont Republic
A May day in the Vermont Republic

Shiny things from the day:

In Arrested development, at Mosaic, Virginia Hughes looks at a handful of girls who won’t age and an aging scientist who’s determined to figure out why.

Literary hero to zero On the rise and fall of literary reputations.

New Research on Facebook, Fellowship, and Suicide Clusters – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society Ted Scheinman looks at some fresh research on “suicide clusters,” in which notable suicides seem to spur similar suicides from others. “It now appears that emulative suicide’s principal drive is not glamour but rather a sense of proximity to the death, a vivid identification with the small details.”

Facts or Fictions about the Teenage Brain: Is it all gasoline, no brakes? – Neuroanthropology

Kathryn Schulz writes a love letter to Geoff Dyer and his ’harmonious contradictions”.

Cinematographer Gordon Willis died last week. As Gilbert Cruz notes, he was one of the best ever, and from The Godfather to Manhattan and beyond, he created some of the most gorgeous movie shots of all time.

The big sleep. The extreme survival tricks of hibernators could help us overcome life-threatening injuries, by Frank Swain.

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